Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is intelligence demonstrated by machines to perform tasks that typically required human intelligence. There are several steps that are required to achieve and Artificial intelligence system.

Our consulting industry experts in applied AI and development can help you build an intelligent system that will deliver real-time understandings and gain a competitive edge for your business.

Lifescale Analytics can help you find artificial intelligence opportunities in your company that can be used for competitive advantage

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A large part of NC's CSO industry is made up of contract research organizations (CRO) and companies that are focused on clinical trial management. The North Carolina CRO Collaborative was brought together to address and support the needs of the companies who operate in this subsector.

The immediate goals of the CRO Collaborative are to improve and expand clinical-based workforce development in North Carolina through curriculum enhancement and development as well as increase awareness of CRO industry trends and career opportunities throughout the state.

The committee is comprised of representatives from eight CROs, eight academic institutes (both clinical research training programs and university-affiliated clinical site programs), supporting institutions, and one hospital system. 

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